British Journal of Chinese Studies

dragon mural beijing 2018 copyright Gerda Wielander
Published July 1, 2018

Issue Description

Amy Xiaofan Li explores the notion of you 游 in the Zhuangzi and Six Dynasties literati writing, revealing the differences and similarities between its conceptualisation in the Zhuangzi and its interpretation and use in later neo-Daoist writing. Jing Zhu examines the Miao album (baimiao tu 百苗圖), a genre of ethnographic illustration from the late-imperial period depicting the bodies, cultures and environments of ethnic minorities in the southwest of China. Julian Ward focuses on the August First Film Studio and the changing cinema scene of the early 1980s. Senia Febrica and Suzie Sudarman examine how China’s relations with Indonesia (and Southeast Asia more broadly) are represented in Indonesian media and government discourse. Essays by Kerry Brown on EU-China relations and Norman Stockman on being a sociologist working on China provide food for thought and discussion. 



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