British Journal of Chinese Studies

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Vol 10 (2020)

Chinese Studies, Scholars, and the Post-Pandemic Turn: Relating Filial Piety and Liminality, Facemasks and Stigma

Maria H.A. Jaschok
University of Oxford
Published July 5, 2020
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Jaschok, M. (2020). Chinese Studies, Scholars, and the Post-Pandemic Turn. British Journal of Chinese Studies, 10.


The racialisation and weaponisation of Covid-19 has raised many significant concerns and troubling issues that invite urgent action from researchers. Informed by socio-political history of modern China, women’s/gender studies, and the sociology and social anthropology of Islam, the author considers the intellectual, academic, and personal responsibility of Chinese studies scholars during the pandemic.

  • gender studies,
  • pandemic,
  • responsibility
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