British Journal of Chinese Studies

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Vol 12 No 2 (2022): Games and Gaming in China and the Sinophone World

Games as Historical Representations: The Present/Presence in the Past

Jamie Wing Tung Tse
University of Hong Kong
Published August 2, 2022
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Tse, J. W. T. (2022). Games as Historical Representations. British Journal of Chinese Studies, 12(2), 63-69.


This essay examines the nature and socio-cultural value of games as historical representations that bridge the temporal gap between the past and the present. Through a close examination of Detention (Fan xiao返校, 2017) and Devotion (Huan yuan還願, 2019), the two Taiwanese horror games produced by Red Candle Games. I argue that games as historical representations not only introduce players to the traumatic past but also engage them in the turbulence of the present to envision a better future.

Image: Screenshot from Devotion (Red Candle Games, 2019)

  • Red Candle Games,
  • game narratives,
  • historical representations,
  • Taiwanese horror games,
  • Detention,
  • Devotion
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