British Journal of Chinese Studies

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Vol 12 No 1 (2022)

Disrupted Nationality: Revisiting ‘Chinese’ in the Era of “Stop Asian Hate”

Yunpeng Du
University College London
Published January 22, 2022
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Du, Y. (2022). Disrupted Nationality: Revisiting ‘Chinese’ in the Era of “Stop Asian Hate”. British Journal of Chinese Studies, 12(1), 110-113.


Drawing on a two-year ethnography focused on the transnational academic trajectories of Chinese international students in London, I provide a ground-driven account of how Chinese nationality was consistently enacted, negotiated, and contested in the pandemic crisis such that it reshaped the everyday experiences of these students as oversea Chinese. As such, I shift attention to the real-life complexities, as well as the emerging inequality associated with national categories which were rendered as insignificant under the trending discourses of “Stop Asian Hate”.

  • Chinese nationality,
  • Stop-Asian-Hate
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