British Journal of Chinese Studies

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Vol 12 No 1 (2022)

Strange New (Old) Worlds: Chinese Identities in Port Cities

Kaori Abe
University of Hull
cover image of Chinese student publication from 1921
Published January 22, 2022
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Abe, K. (2022). Strange New (Old) Worlds. British Journal of Chinese Studies, 12(1), 100-104.


Observers of migratory Chinese in port cities have been producing writings that highlight the diversity of “Chinese” identities and lifestyles throughout collecting micro stories of individuals. Simultaneously, their publications ­­––newspaper, magazines, and encyclopaedia––functioned as a transnational platform linking different Chinese communities in different locations.


Image: Cover of The Chinese Student, 1921

  • Chinese identity,
  • port cities,
  • history of Hong Kong,
  • history of Singapore,
  • Chinese migration
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