British Journal of Chinese Studies

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Vol 10 (2020)

Sinophiles between Flatland, Fetish, and Feuilleton

Nick Stember
University of Cambridge
Published July 6, 2020
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Stember, N. (2020). Sinophiles between Flatland, Fetish, and Feuilleton. British Journal of Chinese Studies, 10.


Despite (or because of) the increasingly fraught relationship between the Chinese and English-speaking parts of the world, Chinese studies today finds itself blessed with a wealth of voices, both within academia and without. The author argues that it is this aspiration toward a plurality of perspectives, rather than the seductive illusion of One Right Answer for All and for All Time, that best encapsulates the value of Chinese studies in the Covid-19 pandemic, or in any other time.

  • Chinese studies,
  • US-China trade war,
  • James Legge,
  • Orientalism,
  • Simon Leys,
  • Lin Yutang,
  • global humanities,
  • Covid-19
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