British Journal of Chinese Studies

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Vol 10 (2020)

Taipei and Wuhan: An Urban Neighbourhood Governance Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Toby Lincoln
University of Leicester
Congjie Cheng
University of Leicester
Published July 7, 2020
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Lincoln, T., & Cheng, C. (2020). Taipei and Wuhan. British Journal of Chinese Studies, 10.


This article examines the neighbourhood governance response to the coronavirus pandemic in Taipei and Wuhan, arguing that in both cities this has been remarkably effective and that it relies on co-operation with the community. It argues that cities around the world have much to learn from the role of neighbourhood governance in public health, regardless of regime type and the efficacy of the national response.

Image: urban neighbourhood, Shanghai ©Gerda Wielander

  • urban governance,
  • Covid-19,
  • Wuhan,
  • Taipei
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