British Journal of Chinese Studies

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Current Issue

Vol 10 (2020)

Published July 12, 2020

Issue Description

Issue 10 provides a mix of three research articles and sixteen responses to our question "What use is Chinese studies in a pandemic" The selected pieces address the question from a full range of disciplines, including crosscultural education, classical sinology, law, media studies, linguistics, gender studies, critical cultural studies, art history, political science, diaspora studies, literary studies, economics, international relations, history, and sociology. Each paper makes an important point about the utility of the humanities and interpretive social sciences in a moment of crisis. In the research articles, Tim Barrett invites us to ponder meditation as a method of creative inspiration in the poetry of the Tang period; Quan Yan and Ernest... More




Stephen McDowall (Author)
Ashton Ng (Author)
Nick Stember (Author)
Diana Yeh (Author)
Melody Yunzi Li
Toby Lincoln, Congjie Cheng (Author)
Maria H.A. Jaschok (Author)
Ying-Syuan Huang; Brian Chee-Shing Hioe (Author)
Gareth Davey (Author)
Feng He Schöneweiß (Author)
Wei-lun Lu, Xu Wen (Author)
Leigh Scott Lawrence (Author)
Carolin Kautz (Author)
Chris Ogden (Author)
Suyu Liu (Author)
Chi Zhang (Author)
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