British Journal of Chinese Studies

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Current Issue

Vol 9, No 2 (2019)

Published July 27, 2019

Issue Description

Issue 9.2 provides and exciting collection of articles showcasing the diverse range of British Chinese studies. Leon Rocha addresses the history and historiography of sexual knowledge during the May Fourth New Culture Movement, focusing on Zhang Jingsheng's "Beauty Bookshop" in Shanghai of the 1920s, shedding light on sexology and entrepreneurship in the publishing field of the time. Amanda Zhang stays in Shanghai, focusing on the self-portrayals of dance hostesses as they wrote about politics, aspirations, and personal tragedies in the period leading up to the Sino-Japanese War. Tian Gu follows with an investigation into the construction of Chinese literatary discourse on tragedy, demonstrating the particular features of the Chinese pe... More


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